We currently have no availability on short notice within 2 months. You can submit a request via the contact form. When a room becomes available, we will contact you.

General rules and conditions

Quoted rates do not include local tourist tax, does include value added tax.

House rules:
In order to make your stay in Woonhotel as pleasant as possible, we have instituted a set of house rules. These house rules are printed on the reverse of the contract you sign before the stay starts. This document is also presented in a public area.

Time of arrival:
Check in is only on appointment.

Acts of god:
Force majeur to Woonhotel Eindhoven includes but is not limited to war or terrorist acts, to personnel disturbances, to blockades ,fire ,floods or other situations beyond the direct control of Woonhotel Eindhoven. Woonhotel Eindhoven is in those instances not responsible for not being able to fulfill their part of the contract

Woonhotel Eindhoven does not accept any responsibility for personal harm nor property damage experienced as a result of your stay, this to the renter himself as well as to any persons or objects with the renter. Woonhotel Eindhoven does hold the renter liable for any damages sustained by Woonhotel or third parties as a direct result of your stay. You are liable as well for any and all damages caused by parties or goods with you or under influence. Woonhotel Eindhoven holds the renter liable for damages caused by incorrect use of equipment and facilities or creating hazardous conditions to equipment or facilities. The renter is responsible for damage resulting from equipment not properly turned off after each use.

Woonhotel Eindhoven accepts reservations only from persons over 18 years of age. Woonhotel Eindhoven retains at all times the right to not accept a reservation this without having to explain our reasoning. Woonhotel Eindhoven will confirm your reservation and send you an invoice.

Methods of payment:
You need to be paid in full prior to your stay. This can be done by bank deposit, pay link send to you or by credit card payment.

Payment conditions:
Your booking is request becomes a valid reservation after payment has been received. Or in case other payment conditions are desired and these have been accepted in writing by Woonhotel Eindhoven. If payment on the invoices is incomplete or has not yet been received Woonhotel Eindhoven retains the right to unilaterally cancel the contract and thereby your reservation.

The renter is liable for any and all damages resulting to Woonhotel Eindhoven from causes created because of non timely or not received payments. All invoices need to be paid in full prior to the renting period.

Privacy / personal information
Woonhotel Eindhoven committed to carefully and under applicable law to deal with your personal information and / or credit card details. Your personal information will never be provided to third parties.

If cancellation notice is received three or more days prior to the occupation date no rent is due. When cancellation notice is received within three days of occupancy the total amount is due. Should you leave earlier than agreed upon termination date no money will be refunded.

For any further information please feel free to contact Woonhotel Eindhoven at our general number. Telephone number: +31 40 211 2111. Or email us at info@woonhoteleindhoven.nl. Or look at the Woonhotel Eindhoven website www.woonhoteleindhoven.nl

Ways how to end your stay:
Send your determination notice 2 weeks before you leave.
By email: info@woonhoteleindhoven.nl
Or by mail:
Woonhotel BV
Waldeck Pyrmontstraat 9
5652 AD Eindhoven