Rooms & prices

The rooms are furnished with bed (s), TV, fridge and wardrobe. The kitchen is fully equipped and at your disposal as is our free WIFI network! . The bathroom and toilet for general use are, like other common areas, daily cleaned by us on weekdays. Weekly you can change your linen for new one with our cleaning staff.

Our rooms can be rented for a long-stay stay with a minimum duration of 8 weeks and we have a notice period of 2 weeks. The agreements start with a 4 month contract followed by the option to extend for 8 and 12 months.


single room:      
€ 615,- monthly

Double room:     
€ 815,- monthly

Prices exclude a € 500,00 deposit with will be refunded after room is alright and invoices are taken care of.

Our invoices are free of VAT.

You can register at the Woonhotel addresses!